August 5th Gallery: Kayaks, Whales, and Altars!

cedar handmade kayak
Here’s one awesome kayak made by our reader, Brian Guilmette.† How beautiful is this thing.† Has anyone else made a kayak?

whittling woodworking tools

Here’s something different from Culdip Sculpture:† “Hello from Southampton England Here is a fish i made last year its body is plum with an oak tail and cedar fins..lots of fun.”† Agreed – we love this!

handmade wood table

Sometimes refurbishing work is just as awesome as the handmade projects.† Here’s a great example from Charlie Gunderson:† “RefinishedAlter Table for First Lutheran Church of Little Falls, MN. Shorten the table and took it from 60’s dark stain to natural finish. Also made somemore pieces for them to match the style of this table.”† Keep the photos coming guys!

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