July 12 – Today’s Featured Pieces – Daily Craftsman

At Daily Craftsman we like to see every project that you have brought to life with your hands! Each image is user uploaded from shops all across the world! If you’d like to see if your workhas what it takes to make it into the featured pieces,all you have to do is upload a photo of your work to our site!

Recycled materials are all the new rage and its amazing! We need to learn to re-use and repurpose everything!

from: Daryn Gosnell: “1st thing I built since college, 98% recycled material. Pipes under each arm contain Family remains.”

A piece that will bring you memories time and time again!

from: Jim Rogge: “finally got the process down on transfering pictures onto barnwood”

The “simple” project that turn into pieces of art has to be one of the best. Starting with a simple designand make it your own!

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