July 23 – Today’s Featured Pieces – Bark

from: Yul Lose: “Here is a box that I just finished. The carcass is walnut and pink Ivory with inlays of double dyed stabilized maple burl. The lift is lacewood with double dyed maple insert.”

from: Keith Martin: “Myrtle wood top with a quilted maple base end table.Oregon Drift and Burlwood LLC”

from: Bill Archer: “I have found a stash of cut & stuck old cherry and walnut in middle Tennessee ! The cherry & walnut are very dark. The walnut is brown like old growth and the cherry is deep dark blood red. #1 com to face & better. Also 4 bds 2 “x14″x24ft in doug fir. Some walnut is dimensioned to 14″x 6/4″x48″. Approx 600-1000 bd feet combined cherry & walnut. 8/4″, 6/4″ and 4/4″ by 8ft ft. The beams are 100 yrs old and the W&C were cut over 30 years ago.”

from: Randy Tucker: “Carved chest from Montana red cedar and Wyoming pine”

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