July 6 – Today’s Featured Pieces – Daily Craftsman

At Daily Craftsmanwe like to seeevery project that you have brought to life with your hands! Each image is user uploaded from shops all across the world! If you’d like to see if your workhas what it takes to make it into the featured pieces,all you have to do is upload a photo of your work to our site!

We all want something unique to call our own. THIS is it! Everyone will be talking about a piece like this long after seeing it!

from: Fenua Witika: “FART Furniture Art. This is an original design called the “Trine” Bar set. 100% Recycled Pallet timber. I enjoy making functional pieces that are different. Cheers Fenua”

A lot of work is coming our way showing love for the USA! If It was as fun to build and “gather” the material as we expect then this is a project to put on the to do list!

from: Andrew Layman: “In honor of Independence Day I thought I would share one of my .45 Barn Wood Flags I make at Blue Ribbon Hardwoods. They are built to proper proportions, stained, and drilled for .45 auto shells as the stars.”

The weekend project is a great idea, but we all know they tend to go over that “weekend” timeline. Here are a few simple ideas for your nextweekend project

from: Fred Koebrick: “This was a weekend project. One heavy duty work bench!”

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