September 10 – Today’s Featured Pieces – Daily Craftsman

from: Cliff Zevenbergen: “This walnut nostepinne was made from wood I harvested and dried from my property. A nostepinne is a knitting tool used to roll handspun yarn into a ball that can be unrolled from the inside.”

from: David Jeffries: “Table made of pallet wood like us at shaby moment in time on face book and see all our projects”

from: Preston Frasier: “This is a wood carving/burning I made for my parents out of a piece of cedar from a tree I had to cut down. The picture is of their old house (my new house). The tree that was cut down is the large cedar to the left of all the windows on the front of the house. This was my first attempt at anything like this.”

from: Nicholas Vanaria: “Bookmatched waterfall bubinga top.”

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