September 16 – Today’s Featured Pieces – Daily Craftsman

At Daily Craftsman we like to see every project that you have brought to life with your hands! Each image is user uploaded from shops all across the world! If you’d like to see if your work has what it takes to make it into the featured pieces, all you have to do is upload a photo of your work to our site!

Today we thought it would be a good day to look at Adirondack style chairs. We have come across some of the most unique designs and features when it comes to these famous yard chairs.

Here you will be covered from head to toe. Did you notice the “foot” stool?

skull chair and foot stool

skull chair and “foot” stool

We have all come across that tailgating crew that has everything, well this chair is going to fit right in with all of their grills and coolers!

Adirondack style Cedar folding tailgate chair

Adirondack style Cedar folding tailgate chair

Lastly some of us are not lucky enough to have warm weather all year around. What do they do with those sturdy chairs on the deck? Well we found the answer, you fold them up and put them away for the winter. Duh.

A folding deck chair.

A folding deck chair.

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